About Glerc

Glerc Bicycles was founded by Mike Qian in 2021, following his job loss during the COVID-19 pandemic. Inspired by his newfound love for cycling, Mike decided to start a kids' bike brand. With limited savings, he launched Glerc Bicycles and has since focused on constant improvement and growth.

Memo Cycle LLC

2700 Troy Avenue E518, Pueblo, CO 81001. US Based


We are a premier brand specializing in exceptional children's bicycles. With a strong focus on quality and safety, we provide a joyous and secure biking experience. Explore our exquisite range of bikes, designed to empower young explorers and provide peace of mind for parents.


Discover meticulously crafted children's bicycles that combine style, performance, and value. Our bikes boast striking aesthetics and advanced safety features, delivering an unparalleled riding experience at an accessible price point.


At GLERC, we embody excellence in the children's bicycle industry. We value the joy of exploration, family connections, and the lasting impact of quality time spent together. Experience the difference with GLERC, where style, safety, and happiness converge.